Browser shortcuts keys

Here are some Browser shortcuts keys to work smart. These all shortcut keys work in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Shortcut Keys / Description

F11 -Display the current website in full-screen mode, It covers your all screen size. To exit from this feature press F11 again.

F5 -To Refresh your current page

Esc -Stop page to load a page

Alt+Home -To Open Your Browser’s Homepage

Alt+Tab -Toggle between browser’s Windows

Alt+Left -Arrow Back Your Current Page

Alt+Right -Arrow Forward Your Current Page

CTRL+P -Print The Your Web Page

CTRL+S -To Save Your Current Web Page Offline in Your Computer

CTRL+O -To Open File Which is stored on Your Computer

CTRL+H -To Open Your Browser History

CTRL+J -To Open Downloads History

CTRL+Enter -This Shortcut key adds www and .com to the name of the website which you type in the address bar. For example, If You have typed tejaspmehta in the address bar than you don’t need to type http://www.

CTRL+D -To Bookmark Current Page

CTRL+ -Zoom In

CTRL-` -Zoom Out

CTRL+0 -Reset Zoom

CTRL+F -To Search In The Web Page

CTRL+L or F6 or ALT+D -Jump to the address bar

CTRL+SHIFT+Delete -To Open the Clear Browsing Data option

CTRL+T -To open a New Tab

CTRL+W -To Close The Current Tab

CTRL+SHIFT+T -To Open Previously Closed Tab

CTRL+Tab -To Switch Between Open Tabs.

CTRL+1 to 8 -To Switch Between Tabs of The Corresponding Number From Left to Right

CTRL+1 -To Switch the First Tab

CTRL+9 -To Switch the Last Tab

CTRL+N -To Open a New Browser Window

CTRL+U -To View a Web Page’s Source Code

CTRL+SHIFT+N -To Open Incognito (Private) Window

CTRL+K /CTRL+E -To Search a Google Query Directly

Spacebar -Moves Down a Page at a time

SHIFT+Spacebar – Moves Up a Page at a Time

Home -Go to the top of the web page

End -Go to the end of the page

Windows+Right Arrow – Half Browser Size in Right Side

Windows+Left Arrow – Half Browser Size in Left Size

Windows+Print Screen -Take a Screenshot of the Current Screen